Add On Options

Once you've made a decision about all of the basics of your pool, selecting the add-on options can be the most exciting part!

Below are some ideas of the items you can add to enhance the look, feel, and enjoyment of your pool.

NG or LP Heaters in different BTU sizes

Extend your pool season by at least 25% longer.

D.E. Filters

Get DE filter for fine water filtration in different sizes.

Automatic pool cleaner

For those who've figured out it's more fun to swim in a pool than clean it.

Some fun with water SLIDE

Add some fun by the pool.

Concrete Finish

Concrete doesn't always have to look like concrete.

Mini Jets

Mini deck jets are a great accent to add to your pool. The jets are built flush into the concrete deck during the construction of your pool .They shoot the water at your desirable height arching over in to the pool.

5' Lagoon Step

Enhance your pool with our 5' Lagoon Step. With 5 jets for your pleasure, it is ideal for just hanging out in the pool.


Our spill-over spas can be easily attached to your pool. Cool off in your pool, or relax in your heated spa. Both will provide you and your family enjoyment in the hot summer days.


Lighting can add a whole new dimension to your poolscape. Outline your pool shape with fiber optics and program the lights to change colors or remain a constant color. The options are unbelievable!